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Is the Mark The Same As The Image Name Or Number

All too often, we get too comfortable with the basics and topical aspects of Scripture that it is difficult for many to renew their mindset to the More Excellent Way of thinking. Paul admonishes us to move on from the rudimentary teachings of the Christ. He also admonishes us to put on the Mind of Christ; to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. 

The renewed mindset can receive the knowledge it takes to see the true nature of the Beast. These can see that the unregenerate and unrenewed mind in man walk in the lower selfish carnal nature. Those who reside here flow in their own ego, self will, mind and emotions and are of a disobedient, disjointed soul which is antichrist.

The mark is not the same as the name or the number. I am not discounting modern day end-time revelation received by others. I can only speak on the prophetic, metaphorical and theoretical aspects of Truth in direct correlation to the revelations of which have been revealed to me, for my Metron and Mission of Restoration. 

Neither do I totally reject the literal aspects of interpretations, if it lines up with Scripture, scientific research and history. I am just saying that I receive the spiritual esoteric aspects of revelation and interpretations. That is a higher way.   The Higher Way is having the Testimony of a Christ, which is the Spirit of Prophecy!

I am cognizant of the fact that even I am merely scratching the surface! However, I can tell you this: those who predict the end of the World surly do not have True Revelation. Neither do they who perpetuate a doctrine of devils, demons and a satan or a rapture! Nor do they who reject Divine Law who teach others to do so. These are strong indications that one is dwelling in the babble of tradition and the gu gu ga ga of baby talk without understanding, they are antichrist.

All the evidence is laid out in the Scriptures and other books of antiquity, this includes philosophy, science, metaphysics and ancient history.  These disciplines are being uncovered before our eyes. All one need do is open the eyes of the mind and receive.

The Enlightened Ones or the Prophets have been chosen to guide, direct, and point the people toward renewal and recovery of mind from religion to spirituality.  Do not get it twisted to think that Christianity is the only way and that there are no master spiritual guides who are not a part of Christianity and have never been.

We must see in our minds eye, that a beast or a beastly mind is one who has a blasphemous disobedient mind-set and the image of a beastly nature of opposition toward Truth; Divine Authority; Divine Order; Divine  Delegated Authority; and Divine Protocol—a mindset contrary to the Christ Principles.   

The Beast is a disjointed spirit walking apart from the Creator and Spirit of Truth, teaching disobedience to the Law!  For the Divine Creator is Law!
Everything is relative!

Every time we partition Divine Spirit or praise, we invoke a Law. Do we, then partition or Praise expecting results? Of course we do! Law has an effect in every aspect of our lives and can result in good or positive results or bad or negative results. In fact, Divine Law is Cause and Effect! Cause and Effect is: “Whatsoever a man sows that shall He reap”!  

If one mixes blue and red, they have invoked a law.  The law is still the same no matter who mixes the colors.  The results will be the same no matter who mixes.  That is Law!
Everything in the universe, every particle of matter is bound by laws of which it has no choice but to obey. Scripture even tells us that there are laws of nature.  Christians do not seem to have a problem with the laws that govern nature. However, call it a Divine Law or a Commandment, of which they are, and many ruffle their feathers prepared to attack like a Bantam hen protecting her young. 

Jeremiah was told of the ordinances of heaven and earth as FIXED patterns! These laws describe the way the Creator accomplished Order in the creation of the Universe! This Logic of the Divine Creator is built into the Universe! It sustains it! To believe that the Creator haphazardly or accidentally created the laws of physics or the laws of mathematics, and to reject that the Creator is Law, you are a blasphemer and unbeliever! 

The laws of nature are consistent with the Laws of Life and only exist because the Divine Creator Willed it to be so. Law is the orderly and logical force that upholds the Universe. 

Those who says that the Law is only applicable in the Old Testament or the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly Torah and those who reject Law, not only limit the move of Spirit in their lives, they have rejected the pathway to All Truth!

There is a Law that governs every act, thought and word in our lives. To deny this is to deny life! The Law is Life! It is because of grace and mercy that Divine Law exists! How can one say that they serve, yet deny the Laws that were instituted that protect us as we serve?  These Laws bring us into the knowledge of Divine Wisdom; they bring us into the knowledge of the workings of the Spirit that would establish us.  This establishment includes the knowledge that we may know what is lawful for us and how we could accomplish our goals and the Mission predestined for our lives. 

Divine Law says that whatsoever a man thinks within his heart so is he! Divine Law says whatsoever a man does unto another shall be done unto him! Very simple!  However, those unrenewed antichrist mindsets want to make Law difficult and unattractive hoping that people will reject it.  Therefore, these opponents of Truth will not have to explain something they are ignorant to.  It is easier for them to say that we are no longer under Law but Grace!
 Many keep the Commandments which are the hub of Divine Law that governs all of life on earth. However, when it comes to remembering the Sabbath days, many fall short of this blessing by falling into the error of disobedience. "For we who believed entered into His Rest...It remains for some to enter in, and those who formerly had good news preached to them failed to enter because of disobedience."

It is those who are obedient to Divine Law that dwells in the Holy Place. We have talked about the Great Tribulation and Armageddon in previous messages of the beast. Divine Spirit teaches us through Law because She is Law! Divine Law works on behalf of those who believe and use the Law to their advantage. These are they those who refuse the mark, name, or the number of the beast. Ultimately those who have received their Christ mind are protected by Divine Law. These are they who “Keep His Commandments and have faith as a  Christ”.

This author writes in one of her books and wants all to understand that "the First Will—the Old Testament and the codicil to the First Will called the New Testament are not the Law! However, it is    the Will which is protected by Law! In short, "The Will is not the Law. It is a legal document that the Law protects."

A mark is something that identifies something. A mark is a symbol that represents a thing. The word mark is defined as an affixed or impressed symbol, an inscription. The symbol or inscription serves to give information, identify the origin or ownership of a person, place or thing. It is a badge, a brand or other visible sign impressed or assumed. 
 The Greek word for mark is 'Charagma'. Charagma is a stamp, as in a badge of servitude. Therefore, to receive the mark of the beast is to show ones allegiance to the beast! One either pledges their allegiance as a Christ or antichrist--beast.  One either dwells as a Christ-man or as an antichrist-man!  One either has the Mind of a Christ or one has the mind of that unregenerate 'Old Man', which is antichrist!
Many fall short of the benefits from the blessing of obedience, falling into error. Therefore, their thinking process rejects the Will by pulling on those unregenerate thoughts and teachings of which they have become acclimated. DO NOT think that because there are blessing in the house that they who are disobedient to  Law, that it is an act of acquiesce not to obey. The Creator is just and will have mercy, raining on the just as well as the unjust. However, Divine Law will always be and remain!

Knowledge is the key to overcoming! Ultimately, those who have 'overcome' are they who go beyond the elementary basics searching for and receiving all Truth. 

So, what is the mark of the beast? Is the mark a bar code? Is the mark 666? Is the mark ones social security number? Is the mark fingerprints or hand prints? Many believe these things to be so. It is because one believes that these things become a reality in their mind. 

Beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become things. When ones thoughts are out of line or sync with the Will, one’s thoughts become antichrist. Once ones thoughts become antichrist, their mind become impressed and filled or branded with a self serving character becoming a brand of servitude to the false religious System that represent the epitome of the beastly nature within man. 

The mark of the beast is not a physical mark but mans mental concepts against the rejection of Truth, the Will and Divine Law.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
 Apostle Rubie James
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    Dr. Trueblood

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